Natural Ingredient Skin Solutions

Products Overview/Solutions Solved/How Developed

Each product in Dr Barad’s new and innovative Illuminated SkinCare line is a highly customized formula delivering synergistic benefits and exceptional results. These luxurious creams and serums improve and renew skin, suppress the aging cycle, and repair damaged skin. A fusion of natural ingredients, including plant extracts and stem cells, antioxidants, hydrators, vitamins, minerals and essential and cutting-edge active elements, the holistically engineered formula, promotes healthy, rejuvenated skin and a youthful appearance.

To keep things simple, we developed a small number of skin care products that are color coded. Some products are appropriate for every skin type, while others are specific therapies that were designed to address special concerns.

Color codes: Moss (gentle cleaning), Aqua (moisturizing), Orange (special serums) and Aubergine (special therapies).