Our Story

WE BELIEVE that everyone deserves to look and feel their best starting with great skin. Our first skin care products were made by Dr. Barad in small batches using pure ingredients formulated for our clients’ needs. As demand for Dr. Barad’s formulas grew, we knew we needed to take a more holistic approach and collaborate with industry experts to create an entire natural skin care system. Our original formulas were improved by removal of toxic ingredients and preservatives. We applied the study of Western and Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and homeopathy. Our proprietary formulation process makes it possible to not only pinpoint the optimal ingredients but also identify their priority order. The synthesis of these elements produce formulas that deliver amazing results.

Dr. Barad Illuminated SkinCare® is now a simple yet complete skin care system designed to revive, repair, restore and refresh your skin.

Our Mission



to love your skin.

Allow us to match you with the Dr Barad Illuminated SkinCare® system that will visibly transform the way you look and feel about your skin. Our products will:

  • Repair skin damaged by sun, toxins, environmental factors and age
  • Replenish and revive cellular activity, stimulating collagen and elastin that support the skin, improving tone, quality and appearance
  • Reduce age-related and environmental skin damage by delivering rejuvenating nutrients deep into skin
  • Provide a healthy, youthful and glowing finish to skin